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William Werkmann Fosterr
Where did you grow up, and what influenced your love for music?
Love and Blessings, ALL!!!  I grew up in Dallas, Texas.  My Beloved Grandmother, a sometime piano teacher herself, began me on piano at age 10.  She also loved my immature voice and invited a few of her friends over to our house a couple of times to enjoy my singing of one of her favorite songs.  She accompanied me on piano.
At what age did you learn to play guitar? Can you play any other instruments?
My Awesome Father was a Renaissance Man who had a lovely voice and delighted to sing.  He bought me a guitar without my asking for one when I was 13.   I was in a Roman Catholic High School Seminary.  A bunch of the guys were fascinated with guitar and we were helping each other to learn, ideal circumstances.  I also delight in "Rock Organ" and I used it as a primary color on my current endeavor, a CD collection of songs called "Ingredients".  These songs are from my past CD "Grateful", which is just voice and an acoustic guitar.

Where do you record?
BlackBox Studio, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Owner, Producer, and Engineer:  Jung Jacob Song, a Korean national who is coordinating the current CD, "Ingredients".  Genius He.

Have you ever considered crossing over into other genres?
I have no prejudice for or against any genre of music and I paint in all of those colors; that's why I describe what I do as "World".

Tell us about you work with The Mental Health Community.
I work at a peer-run drop in center, a revolutionary idea and undertaking that will catch fire and spread all over the world.  The staff are all people who have recovered (and they will all say that they are still recovering, but their records must prove successful recovery) from homelessness, mental illness, or substance abuse.  There are even ex-felons who have completely turned their lives around.   We have an old mini-mansion acquired by the Mental Health Association Oklahoma.  We are open to anyone who is over 18, clean and sober, and is courteous/respectful, simple as that.  Currently homeless people, anyone who can act like a human being, are all welcome during our hours.  It is a place to get out of the weather, a place to be safe, a place to socialize, a place to refresh, a place to connect with jobs and housing.  We have a small kitchen with a microwave and a big coffeemaker which can be accessed all day. We have a big television that runs sometimes during the days and three computers that can be used for anything but entertainment.

What influences your songwriting these days?
I preach.  I use lyrics that are pointed supports of Egalitarianism, Kindness, World Peace, and Collaboration.

Do you perform live?
I perform off and on.  Right now?

Are you working on a new album anytime soon?
I'm working on one right now.  Genres?  Folk, Metal, Jazz, Country, Rhythm and Blues.

Has social media helped your music reach more people?
I am still an infant, learning about how best to exploit these media.  It takes money, too, of course, and that is a hindrance.-

What can we expect from you in the near future?
I am a thinker, and a writer, too.  I am planning to provide a book of perspectives on how to advance the self.
A talented, and driven man who is passionate in his work.
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