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The Walter Scott Project

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Where did you grow up?  I grew up in the village of Rushville, NY, in upstate New York. 
What influenced you to get into music?  I was influenced by Jimi Hendrix in the beginning, and the line of guitar gods thru the 1980’s. I believe that David Gilmour has more of an influence on my writing currently. I love being able to bring different sounds into the core of guitar, bass, and drums. 
Were you in any bands early on?  I played locally in a number of bar bands, (Rawkass, HotFace, and Uncalled Four) but found that scene unreliable and restricted as far as my creativity. In that scene people wanted what I call a “record player”, someone who plays note for note, no room to improvise if you wanted. You really couldn’t rely on others to commit to putting a band together, either it was too much work or they felt that they were “too good”. I could have just quit trying, but I knew once I got the resources, that I could start to pursue my goal of writing and recording what I wanted to. 
What instruments do you play?  I play all guitar, bass, and keys. I use a drum program for the drums. 

In your songs, is it all you, or do you have other musicians come and play as well? 
It’s all me. 

Do you just do instrumental music, or do you sing as well?  I wish I could sing. I’m just doing instrumentals at this time. 

What is your process for creating a song?  I pickup the guitar or bass and just start noodling. I spend a lot of time in my studio (my wife says that she always know where to find me). 
Do you perform live often?  I don’t perform live at this time.  
Tell us about your latest project.  The Walter Scott Project is my most current project. It allows me to release the creativity that has been restrained inside of me over the years. 
What can we expect from you in 2019?  I’m currently recording new material for another release (The Return of Orion). Hopefully I will finish that up and release it early 2019.

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