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Exclusive Interview!
Where did you grow up?
Beloit, WI

What influenced you to get into music?
Van Halen and a local guitarist, Jeff Mitchell.

Do you play instruments as well as writing lyrics?
I play the guitar, and do all of the writing on the record.

Early on, were you in others bands?
Yes, lots of local stuff, Jamie Campbell Band, Terra-X, Last Call bar band stuff doing covers.

Where do you generally record?
I generally record in my home studio, periodically I will go to Nashville if I need a track from a session player I need to meet.

How do you find the vocalists to record your songs?
I usually look for local bands on Facebook, and reach out to them.

What is your local music scene like? Is everyone supportive of each other?
Initially the scene seemed to be competitive, however this project has brought a lot of them together. 
Some if the guys and gals have never met and are incredibly happy to playing with another musician they have never worked with.

Would you ever cross genres and maybe do a Pop song?
I have, the song did not test well with the crowd reviews so it was dropped.

Tell us more about your latest project.
The project started off more as fluke. I sent in some songs to be reviewed, the reviewers loved the songs but did not care for my vocals.  I reached out for other vocalist to re-test the songs, and as things progressed, other musicians were brought in. Eventually we stood on over 45 musicians for this record alone, however, recorded 3 albums worth of material that spans over 55 musicians at this point.

What can we expect from you in the future?
We are expected to release Volume 2, next year. I continue to record new material, and material that does not test well sits until a later date. Some of the vocalist will be picking up more of my material to release their own EP’s. Essentially each EP will be entitled, “The James Carratt Project Presents” the the artists name.

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