Exclusive interview


Reggae music artist, Tefkemet!

How old were you when you first wanted to get into music?  If me would have to choose an age, meh would have to say the young age of ten. 

Were you always into reggae growing up?  Yessi, Growing up it was soca, calypso and reggae inna we house.  

Where are you from? Meh family is from Trinidad & Tobago, However, I spent most of my childhood life growing up inna Brooklyn, NewYork .

Who produces your music? I produce most of di music, still I want to work with more producers in the business. Link up! 

How has Covid19 changed things in your music career? Life Perspective so much changed inna meh life, meh lost a young family member to di Covid19 ting as well as close family friends to di pandemic.

Do you love to perform? Of course, when I grace a stage, it come like jumping out of a plane excitement. 

Would you ever cross over and do a song in another genre? Yessi, meh would like to do a song with Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Lizzo, Khalid and other artist. 

Does songwriting come easy for you? Yessi, when meh have nuff time to write and vibe in. 

What is your latest project? Meh latest project is an awesome new album named Instrument and Rasta outside kold, meh will be producing outside looks in late December.  

What do you have in-store for 2021? I look to be collaborating with some of the world finest artist as we bring awareness and change to the issue that plague all of us as mankind.


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