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Where are you all from?
Were all living in the New England area, mostly in the general Boston vicinty.

How did you all meet?
Four of us were formally in the band, the Boogaloo Swamis, which won 4 Boston Music Awards for Roots Music in the early 80s. After the band dissolved, we regrouped after a few years and
started the Squeezebox Stompers. Two other members had previously played in other bands with us, so everybody had a great deal of experience playing Cajun, Zydeco, New Orleans Music ,and Blues.

You are all so incredibly talented and diverse. What is your process for creating songs?
Im the principal songwriter. I come up with the melody, chords, rhythm, and lyrics. I then bring
each song to the band and we work on fine-tuning it adding an arrangement and vocal

How many albums does the group have?

How did the band name come about?
We brainstormed over 100 names and decided that this name reflected the type of music we play,  and that it is dance oriented.

Since there are six of you, is it hard to get everyone together for recording, or composing
  Sometimes. We usually get together for learning new songs, rehearsing for a big gig, or before we go into the studio to record.

Do you all perform live often?
Our summer schedule is very busy. Were the perfect band for outdoor concerts or festivals.
Were also very busy around Mardi Gras. In the late fall, winter, and early spring we are less
busy; we focus on coffeehouse, clubs, and restaurants for gigs.

Tell us about your latest project.
Right now, were recording 10 originals of mine that will be incorporated in a musical that Ive
written entitled Id Rather Be Lucky Than Good. Its about golf, friendship, and fate. It will be
produced in Fall 2018.

How do you all feel about where the music industry is going with streaming music?
I do know that it makes it harder to sell CDs. I feel that its the current and future wave of how
music is being disseminated to the public and theres no turning back now.

What can we expect from you in 2018?
There will be a new CD of the songs in my musical, which will be available at the performances
of the play. It will be used as a perk for individuals who contribute to my crowd funding site I
will create, to provide start-up funds for the production.
In terms of performances, I expect that the band will be extending its geographical radius outside
the New England area for music festivals, in other parts of the country.

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