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Very talented singer/songwriter
What influenced you to get into music at such a young age?
I started with drums at 6 years old influenced by my Father, music gave me a kick!

What is the indie music scene like in Stockholm, Sweden?
Sweden is a small country, but with a lot of different and large variety of opportunities.

In your younger years you were involved with Big Band music.
What did that experience teach you?

As a drummer, Big band music is a lot of fun and takes a special mentality for that.
Since I was young, i've been a big fan of Jazz, and I like the explosive intensity and the way you can be creative. Unfortunatly, big bands are  dying, and in Sweden, we have 2 part time bands today.

Where do you record music?
I do mostly all music in LA and Nashville.

Being a singer, songwriter and producer, which of these three jobs do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the whole process from start to end and itīs very satisfying to create and follow the whole process and sometimes feel happy for the result.

Do you ever write for other artists?
No, I need all I can create myself for the moment, but it would be fun to do that.

Between doing songs in Finnish, Swedish and English, do you have a certain preference?
All 3 languages have a different feeling and I try to do some songs in all 3. Expressing can be really different. Like when I did a Russian version of a song, and it getīs so different in expression.

Do you perform live often?
I have been away from the business for many years and will start slowly to do live again.

Tell us about your latest project.
Thanks To Calvary, was a song I released end of 2014. A song I really liked that was originally done by George Younce. We are producing a new album in Nashville, with totally new songs written  for me so I have high expectations on that.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

When the new album is ready, I will work hard on promoting that in the United States and other markets.
I have a lot of different styles in my old material, so I will try to find my style and go for how I am.
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