Exclusive Interview

Robin Nolen

Where did you grow up? I grew up in El Campo, Texas, a small town south of
Houston. One of my songs, Texas or Tennessee is about that town. I don’t get back
there too much but it holds wonderful memories. I moved away in 1996. Sweet town
where everyone knows everyone, the community always comes together.

At what age did you discover your songwriting skills? I began writing around the age of 9 years old. I still have my first notebook where my very first songs were written. Gosh, I’m glad I’m the only one who reads them. I had some major drama going on back then. lol.

What influenced you to get into music? I was adopted at birth and I had a lot of anger
when it came to my birth mother giving me up. I had a good life with my adoptive
parents and wouldn’t change that for anything, but I was still angry and felt unwanted
because I was given up for adoption. I put all those feelings into words. I wrote all the
time. When I was sad, upset, angry, happy, in love, you name it and I have written
about it. When I listen to a song for the first time I hear the lyrics first, not the melody.
I’m constantly asking friends and family, did you hear those lyrics, most of the time they
didn’t. They heard the melody. I tell stories. Some happy and some very painful, but
they are mine to tell. Writing has gotten me through some of the darkest times in my
life. Writing is my therapy.

Tell us about Peach Rose Music. Peach Rose Music came to life after my daughter,
Meagan and unborn grandson, Brock died. The story behind peach rose is my mom
would give me a dozen peach roses every year on my birthday. When I was old
enough to work and earn my own money I would buy her a dozen peach roses for her
birthday. When I had my daughter, Meagan I started the tradition with her and it just
continued. Peach roses meant a lot to me, my mom, and my daughter. Meagan was
very supportive of my writing and I wanted to honor our tradition. That is where the
name came from. Peach Rose Music is where you can tell your story. Everybody isn’t
a songwriter, a musician, or a singer. That’s where we come in. You bring us your
story and we will turn it into a song, one that you can cherish. I work with amazing
people in the music business and I guarantee you will be proud to pass this song on
from generation to generation. I remember hearing my first song on iheart radio. I cried
when I heard my words being sung. I wrote that! I’m telling others about MY story. I
know there is so much pain and sadness in all our lives and I just want to be able to
help people get that out and start to heal and trust me, you will heal. I also enjoy
bringing the happy moments in one’s life to song. That smile when they hear their story
being sung. Amazing!

Have people reached out to you to write them a song about their situation? Yes they
have. I co-write with quite a few different people. Peach Rose Music is designed to do
exactly that, help someone write their story through song.

Where do you record? The singers and musicians I use have recorded in many
different places. Angel’s On Momma’s Side, was recorded and produced in Maui ,
Hawaii. I actually went to Maui and was present during the initial production of Angel’s
on Momma’s Side. Other songs have been recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin,
and Dallas/Fort Worth, with today’s technology you can be virtually present anywhere.

What is a songwriting session like for you? What is your method?
I don’t really have  one. It took me almost 10 years to write Angel’s On Momma’s Side. It took me 5 minutes to write Meagan’s Song. I have learned over the years to always carry a 
notebook because lyrics will come to you in the oddest places. I think any lyricist
second guesses their writing at one time or another. I’ve reached out and asked for
opinions to mine a few times. I absolutely LOVE co-writing and wish I could do it more.
As for what a songwriting session is like for me, I send the finished lyrics to my singer
and musicians and we go back and forth until we have a great song. I’m sure many
have become inpatient with me during the process but I want it to come out right. I
know how I want my lyrics to sound and I won’t be happy until we find that sound.
Sometimes my sound isn’t what’s best for the song, so my singers and I go back to the
drawing board and use a different approach.

Do your songs get performed live often? Two of my co-writing friends perform, you
should check them out. Arielle and Guthrie Brown.

Are you working on any new projects? Yes, I’m working on a few different projects at
the moment. I’m hoping to release 2 new songs in the next 6 months, so that is very

What can we expect from you in the following year? I’ll be hitting the road running in
January 2019 with some projects that I’m working on now. I’m really excited about
growing Peach Rose Music and the message behind it. Hopefully soon I can introduce
you to some amazing story tellers and you’ll be able to hear their songs.

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