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Get to know Reggae/Gospel artist Kolussus!
Who were your musical influences while growing up in Jamaica? While growing up in Jamaica at an early age, I was influenced by many Jamaican entertainers. Definitely the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Garnett Silk, Half Pint, Shabba Ranks, Papa San, Buju Banton and Bounty Killer.

I know your older brother had a hand in introducing you to recording and music, at what point exactly did you realize you wanted to be involved in music as well? I realised that I had a passion for music and wanted to be involved at the age of 15 in Grade 9 when we used to imitate and pattern the hot artists in that era. We would have clashes or lyrical battles at lunch time, while beating the desks and making vocal beats. I used to attend Wolmers Boy School, which is an all boys school, so all we did in our free time was make trouble or music, but I chose music which was my means of expressing myself and getting respect.

At what point did you move to the UK? I recently migrated to London in December, 2011. I joined my wife who is Jamaican also, but has been living here over 20 years.

Where do you currently record? I currently record my songs in the North West London area at my friend's studio. Most of my songs, especially the religious ones, have been recorded by Ashley, a close friend of mine. We used to attend the same church. He is a praise and worship leader who plays about 3 or 4 instruments and teaches music lessons. I recorded "Time" at another friends studio and he is called G.I.. "Mr have it all" was recorded and mixed by Drifter in his studio in Hounslow. There are some tracks on Reverberation such as "Better Way" and "Kingston City", that was recorded 8-10 years ago back in Jamaica.

We love your song "Mr. Have It All", what is the story behind the writing of this song?

Mr. Have It All depicts one of the greatest problems we face in this world and that is GREED. We all have needs and wants, but Mr have it all just wants to have more and more and no matter how much he gets, he is still never satisfied. I was inspired to write this song many years ago, probably over ten years ago by what I saw happening around me in Jamaica, where the politicians and leaders are so corrupt. All they do is use, abuse, and violate the people who put them in power. I see this happening even in families where the more successful ones keep the less successful ones down by lauding their wealth over them, and bragging and boasting about their enormous wealth and possessions. I have nothing against people being successful from working hard and enjoying the fruits of their hard labour, as long as they look around and see that it's just another day for them in paradise.  I have been in this country now for almost three years and it is not not much different from Jamaica in terms of corruption and exploitation, so I have learned that Mr Have is all round us and we all have to be careful that we don't fall in that trap of becoming greedy and selfish.We all need to take a look into the mirror, evaluate and assess ourselves, and if we are not being our brothers keeper, then we need to make a change.

What is the music scene like in London? It is very promising. I have been to a music festival in Canterbury recently where I worked as an event steward and the response and reception that Reggae music received was quite overwhelming. There were mainly white British people there, and I thought that they were more into Rock and Pop music, but I was quite surprised. I am just setting myself up at the moment to start doing gigs, concerts and shows, but I am independent at the moment and working full time so I would love to take some chances, but at the moment I just take the opportunities as they come.

Do you do a lot of live performances lately? Not at the moment, but if given the opportunities, I am ready to work and put myself out there. The world needs to know who Kolussus is, and the only way to accomplish that is by doing as many live performances as possible. I love to share my music with people, and at the moment I am trying to appeal to a wider audience.

Do you connect with many fans in the United States?
Based on my Reverberation statistics, most of my fans are located in the United States such as places like Florida, New York and California. I am also wary of the fact that a high volume of these fans are actually musicians and fellow artists, so that is the reason I submitted to HardcoreMix as I need a wider fan base who will be loyal and faithful and help Kolussus to maximise his full potential and accomplish all his goals.

Tell us about your latest project. My latest project is called Pentecostal Fire, which is a 5 track EP AVAILABLE on I-tunes and also on Reverberation. It is a Gospel Reggae Ep, that is aimed towards people of the Christian faith, and also people who are interested in getting to know and have a relationship with God. I made it quite exciting and fun by putting in a lot of energy and contemporary flow to target young people between the ages of 25-34. The feedback is quite good so far, but I know that the best is yet to come as there is much more work for me to do.

What can we expect from you in the future? You can expect a mixture or a balance of songs with a message, whether religious or secular, as I try to keep my music uplifting, entertaining and edifying. I am a man of principle, morals and ethics, so I will always keep it clean, fun and happy. I would like to explore different types of beats from various cultures, as I live in a multinational and multicultural country of different people of different backgrounds and tastes, so I will try to make music that most, if not all can relate to while keeping it relevant and current.
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