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Who is all apart of PYP?
At the moment I am working with my longtime friend and Drummer for PYP  Mr. Dan Bogrand  . We have had people come and go throughout the years but Dan always lays down the beats for me when I write new music.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Spokane Washington, but my childhood was spent growing up in Bozeman, Montana till I was 12. After that we moved to Seattle, where I have been ever since.

How did PYP come together?
PYP started from a life changing event for me in 2004, where I had an encounter with what I can only describe as a close encounter. Over a period of a year, I was contacted almost nightly by beings that I called the clickers. I was led on a journey through communication that landed me in Tacoma, where I met a couple from Jerusalem that had their own incredible story to tell me. From that moment on my music, my life, my perception of reality changed. I dedicated all my time and effort into my music and the study of the Human consciousness and soul this was the birth of PYP. You can read the entire story in my upcoming book (The Chronicles of Guys Alien encounter) this book will be out at the end of 2018.

Tell me more about Mr. Nobody.
I started Mr. Nobody with my brother Richie in 1994. By the late 90's, we had a really good following. We played at the Firehouse in Ballard, a hot spot for upcoming acts. At one point we opened up for the members of the Doors, the old band of Jim Morison. Everything was taking off for me and the guys until I was led astray and lost everything. I lost my wife, my kids, my band ,myself  everything! A few years after this is when the encounters started. I wish I could give the guys in Mr Nobody the chance they deserve. They put all their faith in me and I failed them. It’s something I will always regret because if you have heard the music, it is nothing like the music today. It has Soul and truth it is my life story!

How does your songwriting process work?
Like most musicians I write about what I know, so my music is about my life. If you want to know about me, then listen to the lyrics of my songs. These days, after the event in '04, I write about what needs to be addressed in each individual, and in society, the ego and the counterfeit spirit are the main subjects of a lot of my music. For instance, the song (Throne of Gold) is about Donald Trump, and a great example of both of these entities overtaking Donald Trump. The song shows how his ignorance has effected society and divided us not only as a nation, but as a race. He has put Money over Morality, and no matter how you dice it, the implications of his ignorance will topple Humanity!    

What influenced you to want to be in music?
My first Girlfriend played Guitar, and back in the 80's, guitars were the thing. So at 14, I bought my first guitar and was mesmerized by the sound.  But my real influence came from a young kid I met in biology class. I saw him in town one night, and I introduced myself to him. He said his name was Akie Hakima, a professional guitar player from Japan. He was a foreign exchange student. I instantly was impressed with his style, but even more so when he came to a party later that night, and brought his Marshal Stack and proceeded to blow the roof of the place. He was really a professional Guitar player from Japan, that’s when I really took interest. We became best friends and he gave me guitar lessons in exchange for selling hash for him. Now remember this was the 80's.

Besides alternative, how else would you describe your style of music?

I always get that question and I always stumble because the truth is, I made a mental note when I started writing that I do not want to copy anyone or sound like anyone other than myself. My style is the shape of my heart and the form of my Soul. I do reference a good deal of biblical overtones, so some may see my music in a religious light, even though I do not. 

Does PYP perform live often?
My last show I think was in 2014. I would love to play more, and do it professionally. I still have faith that it will happen, but certain things need to come to fruition. First perhaps this interview is the catalyst for that to happen. For now I am content on writing music and finishing my latest song.

Tell us about your latest project.
I am working on the title song to my CD at the moment (Psychic Soldier). The premise is self-explanatory, we are slaves in an Illusion designed to keep us at odds with an enemy that is only in our heads. Much like the Matrix, no one can prove that anything exists other than this very moment. The Psychic Soldier is every human being that buys into the idea of separateness and perpetuates this cycle through feeding into the war machine. This place is an Illusion, a prison for the mind, designed to extract one thing (Emotions)!     

What can we expect from PYP in the future?
PYP is the future, we are dedicated to showing Humanity a way out of this prison, though the seeds of an Idea “know thyself and you shall set yourself free."

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