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Christian artist/Pastor/Singer/Songwriter
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the small town of Wilmar, Arkansas.  A very small town in Arkansas situated between Monticello and Warren, Arkansas, and had a population of 747 people when I was growing up.

What influenced you early on to be interested in music? 
Because of the town that I grew up in, our options were very limited.  I always had a passion for the arts, so I enjoyed singing in the school choir.  Music seemed to be a common bond that most of the people shared and the expression of emotions and fellowship that was brought on by songs really fascinated me.  We had a piano in our home that no one played and I would find myself sitting there playing on it.  When I was about 10 years old, I asked my parents about piano lessons in which my mom began to take me for lessons and within a couple of years, I began playing the piano for my church.

Where do you record your music? 
My Freshman project entitled “Just Me and You” was recorded at Daywind Studios in Nashville.  My two newest singles were recorded in Atlanta, GA.

What inspired the music video for your single"In Awe Of you"? 
I am always in awe of creation.  The beauty of the earth inspires me and I know that there are so many places that I have yet to discover.  However, in the “In Awe of You” music video, I just wanted to capture some of the awesome creation that I have witnessed in my current home city of Little Rock, Arkansas.  My videographer came from St. Louis, MO to shoot the video and was very inspired by the natural beauty of Arkansas.

You are married with a sizable family, is it hard juggling so many hats between
music, pastor, and more? 

Thank God that He has anointed me to be able to multi-task.  I didn’t have quite as many hats early on in my marriage and with the children, so that allowed me the opportunity to train and equip my family for what was ahead.  Now all of my children being teenagers and young adults and having a supportive wife allows me to walk in the calling God has for my life as a leader.  What appears to be many different hats is really one hat because all that I do is a part of who I am.  The role as a leader of my family and my church as well as my music is all rolled into one and makes it quite easy to manage.

Being a Christian artist, what challenges do you face trying to promote and market your music? 
Because I don’t have the typical voice that’s heard across the nation, that within itself is a challenge in marketing my music, especially in the Christian market.  When people see me, there is an expectation of a certain type of voice which surprises them.  And because of the gentleness of my music, sometimes it can be challenging because most people are drawn to more upbeat tempos.  Because my overall style isn’t very flashy, it causes me to have to push harder to break through in the market.  However, I’m working on adding to my flash appeal in order to open the doors and take my music further than where it has already gone.

Tell us about your work as a Pastor.
My work as a Pastor is very refreshing in that God has allowed me the opportunity to pour into others.  I speak life into those that I lead and my teaching is very practical.  I teach in a way that everyone is able to understand.  There is no subject that is “taboo” because it is important to me that those who I encounter are set free.  My desire is to see people whole, not broken.  I believe in being transparent about my own life in order to help others.  Demonstrating that God can fix what is broken.  I also teach people their role in their own healing and deliverance, helping them to understand Who God is and who they are in Him.  Ministry extends beyond the four walls of the church, but it is every aspect of my life.  My character and integrity are not to be compromised at any time as my work as a Pastor is to lead by example.

What producers are you working with on your upcoming album "Experience The Atmosphere"? 
I am currently working with producer, Dexter “St. Jock” Purnell out of Atlanta, Georgia.

What type of people make up your fan base? 
The biggest of my fan base are those who are in love with the Lord and have a true heart for worship.  Those who have a hunger for the Word of God.  My fan base are those who aren’t concerned with every note being perfect, but the purity of heart.  Those who can recognize and enjoy the presence of God.

What can we expect from you in the future? 
As I continue to follow the path that God has laid out for me and to lead people in the worship of the Lord, I will continue to sharpen my skills and in order to be the very best that I can.  People can get ready for an even stronger version of myself giving them a confident, yet pure sound.  However, unless the Holy Spirit says otherwise, the simplicity of my songs will remain so that church praise teams and worship leaders can present them to their congregations and people are able to just pick up on worshiping with me even as they ride in their car.
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