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Orchestra Fuego
How did this twelve-piece band come together? I know Marcus and Luis united to start it, but how did the rest come together? Marcus & Luis were part of a band called Fuego '77, which was formed in 1977-1979. After the band dismantled, we went our separate ways and 25 years later, we found each in Florida. We soon hooked up, started to play some small events and realized the time was ripe to start another project. The rest of the band members were recommendations from other musicians and with a few tweaks here and there we now have a group of musicians that are a perfect blend to the band.

In the early days, when Marcus and Luis were performing in NY, what was the New York music scene like in the 80's? Back in the last 70's through early 90's Salsa music was at its peak. We pretty much performed every day and had two, even sometimes three gigs on Friday and Saturday. Back then it was easy to live off the music business, big change now, where there are very little venues with thousands of bands positioning themselves for the same venues. Very tough to make a living these days on music, especially Latin music.

Is most of the band from Florida?
All our band member are from Florida; Tampa, Orlando, Ocala and Gainesville.

Where do you all record?
We first started recording at Paris Recording Studio in Brandon, FL. We now moved our newest production and our third album to Orlando, to In Harmony Music Studio.

What is the song writing process like?
We compose all of our own music, and lots of time we just get together. I'll call the singers and just say, "Hey got a new tune" and they just start making up lyrics. My singers have an incredible talent for coming up with lyrics. We then send the song to get arranged.

How often do you perform?
We have been extremely blessed to perform from once to twice and month, which in these days is really good. Most Latin bands perform but a handful of times per year, and a lot of the big bands are now almost forced to play to sequence tracks to reduce the amount of band members.

Does the North Central, Florida scene love Salsa music?
Salsa in Tampa particularly is pretty subdued, however we are making a big impact in the Tampa, Ocala and Gainesville area. We have been called back several times from the venues we have performed at. People just love our sound and the energy and excitement we bring to the events

Is it hard to manage a band with so many members?
At times it gets a little hairy dealing with so many band members, but the members we currently have, which have been with the band for 2 years now, are very easy going and not at all difficult to deal with. We're more like a big family now.

Tell us about your latest project.
Our latest project, and our third album titled "Mi Ritmo" or My Rhythm is going to be off the charts! We have some incredible arrangements and have even produced a new music video to one of the songs on our third album. Third album is scheduled to be released sometime at the end of December 2017, early January 2018. Our music video is now out and available; here's the link

What can we expect from you in the future?
We are continuing to compose and arrange our own material. We are also planning on shooting another music video. So no matter what the Salsa scene is, we are going to continue to move forward with our projects. We are also on cue for a possible 2017 Latin Grammy Nomination and a possible 2017 Independent Music Award nomination as well.

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