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It was a pleasure getting to know this talented group.
Rock music has never sounded better!
So how did the group all come together?

Moxy and the Influence first started when Moxy (the vocalist), and Sydney (the lead guitarist), met through an all-female band, the Raveyns.  Sydney and Moxy gradually got to know each other, weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes, and by the time Moxy was ready to front her own band, she knew that Sydney would be the perfect choice for lead guitarist. They experimented with several different drummers and bass players, until Ignacio contacted the band through Facebook asking if they needed a permanent drummer.  When the existing drummer left for college, Moxy and Sydney quickly auditioned Ignacio; he learned six new songs in two weeks, attended one rehearsal, and played his first show with them in October of 2013.  Shortly after that, Carly responded to an ad for a bassist and was the perfect fit for the group.  Previously known as Moxy Anne (a solo project), the band rebranded as Moxy and The Influence.

Who is the youngest?

Moxy is the youngest, at just 16 years of age.  Carly celebrated her 17th birthday in November. 
Sydney is 18, and Ignacio is the non-teen, at a ripe-old age of 20.

Where are you all from?

Moxy: Costa Mesa, CA

Sydney and Ignacio: Huntington Beach, CA

Carly: Mission Viejo, CA

Where does the band record at?

All songs are recorded at ReAmp Studios in Anaheim, CA.  Currently rehearsals are, with the grace of Moxy’s neighbors, at Moxy's home in Costa Mesa.  Apparently they are all lovers of rock music.

How does the songwriting process work?

Initially, the instrumental concepts were developed in conjunction with ReAmp Studios, with lyrics, melodies, and harmonies written solely by Moxy.  As the band has developed into a cohesive unit, the songwriting elements start with a song concept on vocals or guitar, and proceed from there.  Additionally, Moxy and The Influence often cover songs for live performances by classic rock artists such as AC/DC, Joan Jett, and Pat Benatar, adding their own modern interpretations.

I have seen video of your live shows. There is a lot of energy. What is your fan base like?

Thank you; we really work hard to provide a great energetic show.  It's not just about great music; it's about being great entertainers as well.  We all come alive when we perform.  We love our fans and everything we do is for them; knowing that, they respond with energy and their enthusiasm is contagious.  We gain “super-fans” at every show.  Because we play 80s rock with a modern twist, we find that we have fans who are in their teens, all the way up to Baby Boomers who fondly remember the glory days of Rock and Roll.

Tell us about what you are working on now.

If we told you we’d have to kill you.
Right now we are working on new material, new ways to engage the audience, new songs (six are in the works), and we have several exciting shows coming up in January.  We have just confirmed a House of Blues Anaheim (Downtown Disney), performance opening for Katy Perry’s brother “HUDSON” on January 8, 2014.  We’re also playing at several other venues new to us, such as The Vault in Orange and The Rustic Theater in Idyllwild.

Would you do any songs that cross over into other genres?

Absolutely!  Variety and well-roundedness is a powerful tool. We are fans of many different genres and, while rock and roll is our first love, we are very comfortable with other styles.  Moxy grew up singing Classical and Gospel music with a children’s chorus.  Sydney loves Funk music.  Ignacio is a fan of Jazz and Latin music.  Carly played violin as a child and loves Heavy Metal.  We have had requests to collaborate with everything from hip-hop to country and we’re always open to new experiences.

Is it hard for Ignacio being the only guy in the group?

Ignacio says, “It's not hard for me at all. I get along really well with my bandmates and they've made me feel like I'm part of a family. Most people think it can be awkward being the only guy in the band, but in reality Moxy, Sydney, Carly and I are all really good friends which helps us understand each other on a musical level. Being friends makes writing music a lot easier.”  Moxy says, “Ignacio is like a big brother to all of us, and one of my best friends.  He is a completely chill guy and doesn’t mind our talking about boys, makeup, hair, fashion, and other girl stuff.  He really is part of our family, and along with that comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all love him.  He rocks.”

What can we expect from you in 2014?

We have so much going on we can barely keep track of it all!  Watch for us playing shows all over Southern California, new music, new merchandise, and even music videos.  Every day brings a new opportunity, new fans, and new interest.  We’ve been the featured artist on ReverbNation, we are the featured artist for the month of December on MusicPage, we have many interview requests, radio play requests from all over the world (New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and all over the US), and we are entertaining some label requests.  We're looking forward to playing with some big names and trying out new venues whenever we can.
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