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You are from Denver, do you still reside there? Yes, I still live in a suburb of Denver. My family has a long history in the Denver area starting with my Great Grandfather, who settled here from Italy, in the 1800ís.

Who or what, influenced you to get into music at an early age? My parents insisted that I learn to play a musical instrument, and I could choose any instrument I wanted, but I had to stick with it. I remember watching TV, and I saw Liberace playing the piano and just fell in love with piano, and its been my life since.

Who taught you to play piano? My first piano teacher was Delome Kerstner, and she was so wonderful to make sure I learned the basics, but also had fun and learned to love music. I also studied with a pianist from the Colorado Symphony, and Bill Sible, the head of piano at the University of Denver School of Music.

You have toured and performed in many places. What is one of your most memorable moments when touring? A few years ago I was performing in Tucson, then headed to Las Vegas for a show the next night. There was a severe snowstorm that hit the area and it was so bad the highway was impassable and shut down. I was able to make it to an Indian Casino where I sought shelter.  There were no accommodations, but they allowed us to sleep on the floor. I observed that there were so many people of different races, religions, etc., all stuck in this one large room, but people were keeping to their groups. There were many accidents and several people were injured. People were crying, bleeding,  and one lady was hysterical. Once this lady really broke down, everyone got up and went to her. One group bought pizza for her and shared with everyone else. Another group sat with her and comforted her. It was so beautiful to see such diverse people come together and help each other. It renewed my faith in mankind. Then as I laid down on the cold cement floor to try and get some sleep, a homeless man came over to me and said he was used to this, and I obviously wasnít and wondered if he could do anything to help me! I have been blessed with so many things in my life and this poor man had nothing but he still offered to comfort me. I donít know that I have even been more moved, and I will remember this life changing experience forever.

Do you play other instruments? I enjoy playing the guitar but only for myself as Iím not very good!

Do you write and compose for other artists? I am also a producer and I have produced several songs for other artists. I enjoy this very much and hope to do more if it in the future.

Are you still doing your weekly radio show? After several years on the radio I had to step aside for a while because of my demanding tour schedule. I still have an internet radio station I work on, and I hope to get back to my terrestrial station when touring slows down.

Where do you generally record? My last two new age albums I have recorded at Imaginary Road Studio, in Vermont with Will Ackerman, the Grammy winning founder of Wyndham Hill Records. My Jazz work I record in Denver, at FTM Studios.

Tell us about your latest project. My most recent release is called Four Days In My Life. It got that title because I was performing in Florence Oregon, and realized that I was only a couple weeks away from recording with Will Ackerman in Vermont, and I did not have much music composed yet. I decided to spend an extra week in Florence to concentrate on composing. I took my keyboard and laptop to the beach and sat there writing music for four days. I still have sand in my laptop! It was the most inspiring and incredible experience. The album has performed quit well rising to number 4 on the world radio charts.

What can we expect from you in 2018? I am currently finishing up a new jazz project, that I plan to release in January, and I hope to release another New Age album in the fall of 2018.  I will be performing in Europe in October in addition to my regular domestic tour schedule.

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