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Where did you grow up?

I grew up in London England, which was very fortunate for me, because I was exposed to all kinds of music influences such as Jazz, Swing/Jive, Blues, Country, Soul/R&B, Pop, Latin (Mambo, Salsa, Latin-Jazz, Brazilian Samba/Bossa, Zouk/Kizomba) Dance Music, considering that London is one of
the most vibrant and socially-diverse capital cities of the World. Living in London enabled me learn about other cultures through Music and also, socialize and play music with people who were from
all parts of the World and had settled in London to live. It was this wonderful experience which also gave me the opportunity to write songs in different international genres and learn to be an accomplished
Salsa, Swing/Jive/Blues, Argentine Tango and Kizomba Dancer.

Who or what influenced you to get into music?
My earliest musical influences, were listening to my parent's records since I was a Baby. I was brought up listening to their large selection of vinyl records which included Big Band legends such as Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Count Basie,  Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Jazz
Instrumentalists such as the Great Charlie Parker, legendary singers such as Frank Sinatra,
Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Rhythm and Blues legends such as Louis Jordan,
Louis Prima, Country legends such as Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jim Reeves and Rock and Roll legends such as Elvis Presley and Bill Haley, Latin Music legends such as Tito Puente. I am very grateful to my parents for introducing me to such wonderful music and also, I am very grateful to them for encouraging me to pursue Music as a hobby and career, by buying me a Clarinet at the age of 9, my first Musical Instrument. My musical tastes and influences continued through childhood and teenage years, listening and learning from my parent's vinyl records and also, listening to Classical/Barqoue/Opera Music, Soul/R&B, Blues, Jazz-Funk, Latin Music (especially Mambo and Salsa), Reggae, Ska, Pop and Dance Music.

You are basically a one man band. Are you self taught,
or did you take lessons?

I am a Self-Taught Musician. I first learned to play music by Ear, listening to my parent's vinyl records and learning the melodies from their vinyl records. The first song I learned to play by Ear on the Clarinet was "Begin The Beguine" by the wonderful Clarinet Player and Band Leader Artie Shaw. From the age of 12, I learned to read Music at School, in order to play in the School Concert Band. In my early-teens
at School, I studied Clarinet, Piano, Music Theory and Composition, when I was attending the Saturday morning lessons at The London College Of Music. Learning Music by Ear and also, studying Music Theory and Composition, enabled me to become an accomplished Tenor, Alto Saxophonist and Flute-Player in my mid-teens, enabling me to eventually lead my own Jazz-Funk/Soul and Salsa bands.

Where do you generally record at?
I have my own recording studio at home, which is excellent, because I can record when I want to, therefore, I have no excuses to be lazy when writing and recording my compositions (Laugh)!!!

Do you produce or write lyrics for other artists?
There are some music artists who are showing an interest in my music and also, music publishing companies who have contacted me to write songs for their artists. Writing songs for other music artists to perform and record also appeals to me.

You cross over to every genre,
but what music genre is truly embedded in your heart?

Every music genre that I write my compositions in is equally-important and of equal preference. I write all of my own original compositions (Music and Lyrics) in a wide and interesting variety of genres, which includes Latin (Salsa, Mambo, Latin-Jazz, Cuban Timba, Samba, Bossa-Nova, Brazilian Forro, Zouk/Kizomba, Latin-Pop/R&B Latin House/Dance), Pop Music, Swing/Jive/Rhythm & Blues, Country and Blues, Soul/R&B, Dance (Deep/Soulful House). Also, I write my lyrics in different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Greek, which makes my compositions appealing and marketable to a World-Wide Music Industry and also, appealing and marketable to a World-Wide Audience. I use the analogy  of a delicious Buffet. You select the best of everything, to make a tasty and wonderful meal!

What is the local music scene like in London?

The local music scene in London is very interesting and has an enjoyable variety to choose from.
Because I dance Salsa/Mambo, Blues and Swing, I often go to venues that play live music, so
I can listen and dance to their music. London also has a thriving Indie Music Scene, as well as Dance/Electronic Music, with DJ's from all over the World who come to DJ in London. Also, London has cultivated its own style of Hip-Hop which has achieved commercial success.

Do you perform live often?
At the moment I am concentrating on writing and recording all of my own original compositions in my Recording Studio, to release my recorded songs for Digital Distribution, Music Licensing, Music Publishing, or for other recording artists to perform and record.

Tell us about your latest project.
My latest project involves writing compositions for video games.

What can we expect from you in 2017?
I will be writing, recording and releasing more interesting and exciting songs for Digital Distribution, Music Licensing and Music Publishing/for other music artists to perform and record. I am always interested in being involved in new and exciting projects!

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Musicians like this are hard to come by. He puts his heart and soul into his songs. This is the kind of music that needs to be heard!