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We love her music, you will, too!
Where did you grow up?
Many places : New York, London, Washington State and Colorado!

What influenced you to get into music?
I grew up in a musical family.  My father sang and played the guitar, and I performed with my sisters throughout my youth.  My mother was a novelist and Roy through my entire childhood.  I didn't purposely plan on being in the music industry, it sort of fell upon me.  I had other plans in college, but always knew, and had the ability to write music, play instruments, and sing so I probably knew subconsciously.  I wrote my first song at 8.

How many instruments do you play?
I play the guitar, piano, bass guitar, full drum set, trumpet, and french horn.  Love programming .

Where do you generally record?
Pre-production I do at home, then record /mix down at 4th Street Recording, in Santa Monica.  I've recorded at various studios in Los Angeles, but 4th Street Recording is my favorite studio in America.

I know you write and produce your own songs. Do you ever write for other artists?
I have written with two extraordinary artists, and really enjoy working with the right producer.  I am capable of producing my own work, and I do to a certain degree.  However, I really like working with the right producer, it's that's fresh perspective I crave.

What is your songwriting process? Do you generally need a track to write to?
Songs come to me in many different ways. Sometimes it's a grand melody, other times a baseline.  Some of my favorite songs, like the title track of my last album 'The Maker' I heard it all in an instant. Sometimes it comes all at one time like that.  You just never know.

Are you the type to record a ton of music, that has not been released yet?

Yes, I do have a ton of music that has not yet been released.  I have this door that I can open and close at my leisure. It sometimes can drive you mad.

Do you perform live often?
I love to perform live, and last year in 2016, I performed a show a month in Los Angeles.
In the current market and industry shows must be garnered by the necessity of them.  We can be quite costly to perform on a consistent basis, even if you have a large promotion machine behind you.  I have performed to large groups at festivals, with a full band and dancers, as well as with only a guitar and cello player to intimate crowds. Each has its rewards and exhilaration.

Tell us about your latest project.
I just released my new single ' Hold Me Near' on BooBoo Records.  I am working on new material as we speak.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?
Expect nothing: expect everything!

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