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Johnny Rock Band

Rock music group, Johnny Rock Band!

Where did you grow up? Encinitas, California.

What inspired you to get into music? My parents put me in piano lessons when I was 3 years old, my neighbor had a guitar he let me play, but I had to be good at piano before I could play an instrument of my choice. About 8 years later I got a guitar and it was a life of rock and roll from there on.  

Tell us about the story behind the Hotdog On a Stick Song.  I own a music school for students with special needs, across the street from me at an American Legion hall they put a Hotdog on a Stick stand in their parking lot to keep profit coming in during the Pandemic of Covid 19. I saw a line of people waiting for food and went out on my porch with my guitar to take advantage of this audience. I was improvising and made up the Hotdog on a Stick song on the spot. The commander of American Legion came over and said he loved the song and so did everyone else and told me I should record it. I did and made a video and now it is one of my most popular songs. 

What is a songwriting session like for you? I usually get an idea playing in my head, then I'll write down a few lyrics and start playing some chords putting together a melody. Once I have a good base for the song, I write down a lot of lyrics, then start putting them into the groove. When I have it all together I start trimming the fat and get rid of parts that don't flow and fine tune the components. I next play it live a couple times and see what I might change, then take it to the studio and make minor adjustments to make it all sound good together.  

What inspires you to create? So many of life's ups and downs fill my head with inspiration and sometimes I will be watching the news and a song hits me about the issue, so I start writing. Most of my music comes to me naturally, so I make it into something I like.  

What is your local rock scene like? The local music scene here is getting better more venues want live music but they don't pay well. Our best gigs are out touring the USA, especially the College towns. 

Do you collaborate with other artists? Yes, I am currently writing a song together with Beebs Money, including members from Fishbone, and I have a project in Hawaii, Magic Dogs of Honokaa and one in North Carolina, G 2 Cowboys. 

Before Covid19, did you perform live often? I had been playing out once every couple months locally while working on our new album that was just released. 

Tell us about your latest project. I have started a partnership with Alesmith Brewing, for some festival touring together. 

What can we expect from you in the future? I have new videos out monthly on Youtube, A new song coming out "I Need Another Alesmith" and some big surprise for the world as soon as we get back to normal. 


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