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Izah Blue
Exclusive interview!
Where did you grow up?
I was born in California, at 2 moved to Salem, Ore, and at 4 moved to Harrisburg, PA. In the middle of my sophomore year in high school, I returned to San Diego, CA to finish my schooling. In 1987-88 I lived in Portland, JA. I left Jamaica and moved back to San Diego. 2 years later I moved to Hawaii where I have lived for 27 years.
Still growing! :)

What influenced you to get into music?
I was naturally attracted to music as a youth, because my family members were all music listeners.
My brothers and my mother had vinyl collections they would listen to. Classic rock of the early 70's was the era I started with, then moved to a different neighborhood, and it was funk and soul of the mid-late 70's. Mod music, New Wave and Nu music hit hard in the 80's. You could say I have always been involved with music and fellow music lovers.

What age did you start writing songs?
My first band was a rock band, it was short lived due to being so young, immature and amateur. I started writing consistent songs with my first Reggae band when I was 19. I had formed a band named Iyah Fihyah.

Do you play instruments?
Yes, I play guitar, basic piano and melodica.

You eventually moved to Hawaii, what is the music scene like there?
Is the local scene supportive of each other?

When I moved to Big Island, Hawaii in 1990, it was very quiet still on the big island as far as a Reggae music scene. 6 months later I moved to Oahu to continue the quest. I formed the band Roots Natty Roots, and produced 2 albums on our own independent label, Roots Natty Productions. So yes, there was a scene and some really cool local Reggae bands based here. Many carribean artists were living here too. The local fusion sound Jawaiian was blowing up at the time too, with many talented local artist. All of the bands were well supportive of each other, then and now. It never changes here in the islands, it's Island style.

Where do you generally record at?
I recorded my latest album at Father Psalms Studio. The master engineer Jah Gumby's home of reggae music. The most roots reggae original JA style studio in the islands.

Do you perform live often?
I have been singing live at different sound system events since I returned from Japan. I have been focusing on the initial promotion of the music online, through different streaming sites, and will soon start to prepare for live promotion here locally.

Being in different bands through the years, what have you learned doing music all those early years?
As far as bands becoming successful, maintaining consistency as a team, and being responsible by sharing mutual work efforts and focusing on showing enough respect towards each other as band mates. Dictators never win anyones respect when it comes to a team effort. Ego's have to be left aside and by trying to be the best should become the groups focus and meditation.

Tell about your latest project.
I am really excited about the newest release, which was on 4/20, a few months ago. This has been an amazing adventure growing and maturing this musical fruit of labor. In simple words, the songs were written in Japan during my 5 year stay, brought back to Hawaii to Jah Gumby, and he started refining everything. We were blessed to have Kali Navales not only give his creative input and amazing harmonies, but also sang 2 duos together. The songs are lyrically full of messages of positive vibes and the power of love. Musically it is heavy and highly danceable with awesome accents of instrumentation by Jah Gumby. Please check it out and I hope you all enjoy.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am being featured on a double album release from Jah Gumby, on the Father Psalms label, called Talent Showcase Part 1 and Part 2. I have 2 songs on part 2, that will be released in the next month or so. I am also very open to doing more collabo's with different artist. I did a single with DJ Lantan from the UK while living in Japan via the internet. That was a really fun project. Now with the levels of technology, these bridges can now be easily crossed. Bless Up All Peoples and give thanks for your time and listening. One Heart, Izah Blue

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