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House Is Out is an amazing Rockabilly/Blues band from Florida
Where are all of you from?
All of us are from the Northeast originally.  NYC Metro area

How did you all meet?
Bob, Rosa and Brian all work together.  Mike is a friend of Rosa's. 
We were lucky to find Geoff on Bandmix.

Were you mainly a cover band at first? Or did you always do original music as well? 
We started as a cover band.  About a year ago we decided to branch out and come up
with original music.

Where do you record at? 
We have recorded at Rising Sun Studios and VATS Productions, a small independent.

Who does most of the songwriting in the group? 
So far Brian and Bob, with contributions from Rosa, who wrote "I'm Yours". 
We have several more in the works.

Where did the band name come from? 
We all wanted to do "House of the Rising Sun".  Our original drummer kept sending emails saying
"House Is Out"

What is the local music scene like in Florida?
Is it competitive?  Very much so.  There are a lot of great places to play, and a lot of talented bands. 
Great outdoor venues of course

Where else would you like to do shows at in the future? 
NYC, where else!

What other genres could you see the band making original music in? 
We like everything and do a lot of genres already.  Rosa would love to do some more Jazzy numbers

What can we expect from "House Is Out" for 2014? 
Hopefully many more originals.  I think we are just scratching the surface. We are also hoping to
get into some larger venues and do some festivals.
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