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Get to know Honey & The 45s a little better.
How did the band come together?

The band formed in October 2009 as a 3-piece Folk/Acoustic act. When any musical group brings on additional members, different textures and colors mix into the template. The first iteration of this was when Honey & the 45s added bass and an electric lead guitar. We work toward an empathetic harmony with one another, all the while knowing we each exude our own sound. Music is a language and as you include and/or expand the folks engaged in the "conversation," the very tone of that conversation will be altered. Each band member comes from a wide range of musical influences: Jazz, Motown, Folk, Soul, Rock etc... As such our sound is somewhat unique as those influences blend and re-emerge in a new way.

Where are you all from?

Kim, Sean, Jon, and Jarad are all from the Chicagoland area. Kristina is from Southern Illinois near
St. Louis.

Your style is described as a mix of many genres. What genre would you say each member represents best?

Jon- Jazz and Rock, Jarad- Jazz, Sean- Blues/ Funk, Kristina- Folk/ Blues, Kim- Soul/ Pop

Where do you all record?

We recorded our debut Album, The Need, on our own and in various places around Chicagoland: Talaske sound, random apartments, etc. The recording engineering on this first album was done by our good friend and former drummer' Chris Kusek. This was a great way to record our first album because we really got to take our time and experiment with our sound.
We are in the process of writing our Sophmore album, and we are very excited about the direction it's heading. Honey is hoping to release this album late Spring 2014.
We have recorded a few songs that will be on our sophomore album with National Recording Studio, LLC in Milwaukee, WI. Daniel Zelonky is a very talented engineer with a great ear and we are very happy with how the songs are turning out. We are also looking to get into a staple Chicago studio  in the near future.

What is the songwriting process like with 5 members?

The simple answer is, surprisingly fluid. It varies. Sometimes Kristina will come in with a full song, other times we write the whole thing beginning to end as a group. Recently Jon came in with a musical arrangement for the whole band and Kristina added lyrics. Our practices are very collaborative, and we have fun bouncing ideas off each other.

You must have an amazing fan base. What social media platform would you say works best for connecting with fans?

We have great fans. We love them, and treat them right. We give away tons of free merch, write hand written letters, and make a point to connect with fans before and after shows.
Currently Facebook is providing us with a great avenue to connect with fans when we are on the go, we keep it up-to-date with all of our upcoming shows, photos, announcements and all sorts of  honey buzz. Certainly independent radio has been a huge help in getting our music out. We are currently doing a radio push with Tinderbox, and looking forward to some licensing opportunities as well.

Tell us about your latest project?

We are really excited about all of our upcoming dates. There's nothing better than live performance.  See our full calendar on the calendar section of our website:
Our biggest project right now is writing our sophomore album. We're fine tuning our songs, and looking forward to getting into the studio soon.

Would the group branch out into other genres such as Country, or R&B?

Absolutely! Several of our songs already have Country and R&B undertones. Both "Worry" and "Train's Gonna Go" from our debut album, slightly pull from Country influences. A song currently in the works "Never Might Have Been" definitely has some R&B undertones.
It hasnít been easy to "define" our music, but that's OK - it's part of the appeal. We love to experiment, and we are comfortable and proud to be putting out music that has roots in a lot of genres: a music that salutes the oldies, but bends with a modern twist.

Out of all five of you, who could you see going solo one day?

No comment.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

Lots of tour dates, new music videos and a fantastic new album.
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