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Who are the Happy Curmudgeons? Dave Hamilton, Amy Dixon-Lavery and Jeff Warner. We added Jay "Tumbleweed" Burrs to play harmonica and as a manipulator of sound. We had several friends that help us out, but those four are the main core.

How did you all meet? Dave and Amy met in 2009 and started dating. They went to a karaoke bar on an early date, and Amy was the standout vocal there. Dave and Jeff knew each other through a mutual acquaintance, and started putting songs together for Meant 2 Be in 2015. They all saw Tumbleweed sitting in with a band one evening and Dave asked him to join the band in 2017. 

Where did you all grow up? Well, Dave is the only member from Ohio. He grew up outside of Columbus, but he moved to Michigan and finished high school there. Amy, Jeff and Tumbleweed were all born and raised in Michigan. Flint, MI was the connection point for all the members of the group.

What is your songwriting process like? Dave wrote and co-wrote every track on Meant 2 Be. He dreams almost all of his lyrics. Jeff Warner co-wrote the lyrics and music for the song Meant 2 Be and 3rd Coast. Stu Cameron, a close friend, co-wrote lyrics and music for Carnal Boogie and Soulsville. Jeff is amazing at filling in musical gaps. Stu is extremely creative with lyrics. Amy is currently working on the band's new single, 2nd Chance. She wrote the lyrics and performed it live for the first time in February.

What influenced you all to get into music? Basically, the LOVE of music. Music is a drug and a language all to itself. It can be many things to many people. Dave was influenced by Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead. Amy was influenced by The Beatles, Elton John and Reba Mcentire. Jeff Warner also was influenced by the Grateful Dead, but Richard Thompson, Doc Watson and Bob Marley played rolls in his music development. Jay "Tumbleweed" Burrs enjoys James Cotton, Paul Butterfield Band, The Band and Dick Dale.

How did your name come about? Dave Hamilton and Stu Cameron were taking about a name that would incorporate H and C for their last names. Who is going to see some Happy Curmudgeons like us? The phrase was uttered and a band name was born.

Where do you record? We recorded Meant 2 Be at The Spot Pontiac in Pontiac, MI and Longview Sound in Rochester Hills, MI.

Do you play live often? We practice a lot, but we do not play together live enough right now. We are looking to change that this summer.

Tell us about your latest project? Amy, Dave and Jeff have one new song each that they are working on to perform. Tumbleweed and Dave have been working on a couple of new tunes. Pauly M. Everett will be doing the fantastic artwork again as well.

What can we expect from you in the future? Well, hopefully a very solid second album with diverse genres again. We learned a lot after making Meant 2 Be and we want to improve on that experience. We want to get our music our to our crowd - whomever and wherever they may be.

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