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Artist: Greg Machado

Genre: A mix of R&B, Pop, Soul, Rock

Label: 2Hot Entertainment

Strong vocals
Polished tunes
All around package
At what age did you discover your talent for singing?

At the age of 7, I began singing in the church I was encouraged by my grandparents to stick with it, develop it and throughout grade school, I always sang in school choirs and chorus. I also competed in all sort of city and state events. So I always knew I was "talented". I was watching an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and became mesmerized when I saw the guest appearance of Tevin Campbell. His singing ability captivated the crowd and made girls faint. It made me say wow, I want to do that, I want that power.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up throughout New York, Queens. Mainly the north side of Jamaica. I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for a period as well, but I'm from New York. My parents are of Brazilian heritage, I am one of six children. I have the ability to sing fluently in 3 languages, Spanish, Portuguese & English.

Was music a big part of your household? 

Music was a tremendous part of my household. it's what influenced me to pursue the craft as my profession. My mother kept a diversity of music on rotation in our home. An eclectic mash-up of American artist like Jimmy Hendrix, Gregory Abbott, Michael Jackson, and Brazilian stars Gal Costa, Tim Mia, and Jorge Ben were some of my early inspirations.

How did you get associated with your label, 2Hot Entertainment?

I recorded a demo project with the Bangga Boiz Muzik group, a production team out of Brooklyn, New York. One of the members (Primo Bangga), took the liberty of shopping the songs/demo to a few different people one of which was Phil Nelson a colleague and friend of Sheila Adkins, who is the CEO of 2hot Entertainment, and here were are.

Where do you currently record?

I usually record at C-Note’s studio in Brownsville, New York. He is the founding member Bangga Boiz’s Music Group. His full name is Curtis “C-Note” Richardson, and he has been involved in many successful productions for artists. He was also part the famous production team; the Incredibles.

What was it like working with Curtis “C-Note” Richardson?

The chemistry is like no other, we go together like a hand and glove. it's like a mixture of pure talent and undeniable skill. He's the dopest I've ever worked with thus far hands down. Usually Curt comes up with the music, and I put the lyrics to it. Recently I travelled to Atlanta and did some recording there as well, one of the producers that I worked with was the Grammy nominated producer; Kennard Garrett. I recorded the song “Breath Away” with him.

We watched a video of one of your live performances; you have a good vibe, and a lot of energy. Do you get nervous before you perform?

I get some nerves here and there, but when I'm on stage, it's like something comes over me and all the nerves go away. I love performing, I was made for this.

You are a solid mix of R&B, Soul, Dance, and Rock. Could you see yourself crossing over into any other genres?

The capability and the influence have definitely been there and no doubt once given the opportunity I want to explore an eclectic mixture of genres.

What are you currently working on now?

Recording and working on my debut album. I am also looking for new ways to expand the Greg Machado brand. We are working very hard at marketing the brand to a wider audience including the vast international markets that we have yet to touch.

What can we expect from you for 2014?

What you can expect from me this new year is something most of the world has never seen, an artist with the ability to paint multiple pictures relating to multiple cultures, taking each genre a little further into areas not yet explored. A melting pot of diverse good music, marketed to, and for an international audience!
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