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Talented guitarist, musician, and composer
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Rockland County New York, which is about 30 miles North of Manhattan

What influenced your love for music?
I think my dad did. He has a real passion for the arts, especially Broadway plays and music. 

Who taught you to play guitar?
I was very fortunate to have an amazing private instructor, Ken McElroy, who I studied with for close to ten years. He was my real musical mentor and close friend.

I read that you went to Berklee College of Music. What was that experience like?
That was very interesting, I got to meet musicians from all over the world and be around people who were all very dedicated to learning their craft. It was very motivating and challenging to be in that type of atmosphere.

Were you in many different bands growing up?
Not really, I was always practicing and just trying to get better.

What is your song creating process?
I am a rhythm type of guy, a song that gets me moving is what I try to shoot for. So, I will usually start with a drum groove or a bass line and work from there. Once I get into that zone, ideas start to flow pretty fast and a song starts to take shape.

Where do you record?
I have my own studio that I record in

Do you play live a lot?
Not as much as I like, but I am working on trying to change that. I love to perform live, there is not a better feeling.  

Have you ever made any cross-over songs? Such as a Country influence, or Pop/Rock?
Yes, I have written many songs in various styles, Rock, Country, Jazz and Pop.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am putting a band together right now, and I will hopefully start playing out and bringing my music to life for everyone to hear!!!
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