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Da Professor
Spiky Music Group artist, Da Professor!
Where did you grow up?
I was born in Kingston, Jamaica. I started performing for family and friends when I was just 3. My family moved to NY in 2003, and in 2008 I had my very first live performance in Brookville Park, at Rosedale Queens.  For me, performing is natural, and I was not nervous at all. At one point before I went on stage, my mom said, “you OK," I looked at her and said, “I got this mom,” and ran out on stage. It was such a rush to watch an audience, which was not my family, truly enjoy my performance. My mom said to me after the show, “That stage is where you belong boy.” 

Who or what influenced you to get into music?
I get asked these questions all the time.  It was never an inspiration nor was I influenced.
it’s a calling. It’s what I am meant to do. My fans know me well because my music is my own auto-biography.  It allows me to express what I am feeling on all levels and represents the platform in which to communicate and make a positive difference to those who listen to all the messages within the songs I write.

How did you get involved with Spiky Music?
My involvement with Spiky Music Group started back a few years writing top lines for a DJ in Europe that Spiky was working very closely with. It soon evolved into this project and much more.

It has always been important to me to be part of a team that truly can make a difference in other peoples lives.  When we finished the first single. "I Love Myself," we knew it was special. Therefore, we started the foundation, "Stop the Abuse Foundation," and the first single was made the anthem to our foundation. Now I can use my voice and the message within my music to make a difference to those suffering from being in an abusive relationship of any kind. Hoping to give others the power, through the music, needed to make a change and learn how to love themselves and get out of the bad situation they may be in.

The first single released was part of a trilogy release. February 14, 2015 the first single, “I Love Myself,” released which was followed by the Second single, Anything is Possible", released in June of 2015, and the third single, "Rock Star," releasing in end of this summer.

The story behind the trilogy:
Love yourself first!
When an individual embraces self-love, they are automatically gifted with confidence and poos self-worth. This allows people to make solid decisions, backed by confidence. This feeds into their ability to make great things happen within their lives. That’s when “Anything becomes possible”.  The message within the music of the second single.   A “Rock Star,” of whatever one sets their mind on achieving, is the end result and the message within third single.  I Love Myself music video is also the first of a three part music video launch that will not only represent the music, but will be make a short film when all three music videos are played in sequence. 

What producer(s) do you work with?
I have been very fortunate to work with some of the greatest producer and DJ's world wide.
-Platinum Producer, Don Corleone
-Platinum Producer, DJ Marley Waters
-Platinum Producer, Jon FX
Amsterdam's very best, DJ Lucky Charmes, my most current single that's making a lot of noise this Summer!
"Ready", Killing it on the EDM scene, and added to the biggest DJ's Summer play list.

Do you write songs in other genres?
Would you consider doing a collaboration with other artists in other genres?

I write songs that fall into all categories of music. When you watch the "Ready Video," you can see how fusion music is the future. As a writer, I have many placements with artists of all styles.
As far as collaborating, I am always opened to work with talent of all styles like I have with DJ Lucky Charmes, and many others in the past.

Where do you record?
When I am in Miami, I record at Spiky's Studio. When in NY, I work out of my personal studio. I have also worked out of many other big studios around the world when those call and want me to work on other artist projects.

Tell us about your latest project.
The future looks very bright, as my third single gets ready to drop, and my album gets finished up. Look out for my new album dropping first quarter of 2017. I am currently working on booking shows worldwide and will keep you posted once the scheduled is released.  

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He is a talented artist, with a great message.