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With Extended Recess Band
We need more music like this!
Claude, where did you grow up?
My Dad was transferred to Singapore when I was 10 years old. When I turned 18, I moved back to Louisiana .

What influenced you to get into music?
My Sister received a guitar for Christmas. The following year, Santa bought a low end Yamaha 6 string.

Were you in different bands early on?
My friend, guitar player Bruce Walston and I, would lay rhythm tracks, then take turns improvising lead.
My first full band was formed by Scott Shively, in High School. Southbound played at dances and even received
a high school credit.

What is your songwriting process?
I would start off with lyrical melody, or words that rhyme. Then, I'll pick up my guitar, start forming chords and lyrics that fit. I might have an issue with society as in "On the Bayou,"  "Seattle I'm Coming Home," or "Next Train." I may use relationship issue with my wife or stories from friends as in "Late Last Night,"  "Obnoxious," or "The Desert."  Doing research on a subject also helps.

Where do you record?
I have recorded in different studios in South East, Louisiana. Home studios, John Tyree in Metarie, Jesse Dunn in Bayou Gauche, Joe Trapani in Kenner, and with Tim Curry. Tim has a lap top, and he would come to my place, his place, and sometimes rent a studio at Guitar Center for drum tracks. Seth Kaplan's cello part on "On the Bayou," was a bathroom recording in a 70 year old house in New Orleans.

How did Extended Recess Band come about?
I was playing a solo acoustic  performance at The Pour House. Jim the Drummer sat in and we jammed a few tunes. Jim invited me to Club Clinic for jam sessions. That's where I met bass player Bob Netcoh. We play what ever gigs we can find since then.

So, are you still doing solo music, besides doing music with your trio?
Yes I do. I play at the Neutral Grounds Coffee House, in New Orleans, 2 -5 times a month . Sometimes Bob sits in
with his mandolin and Jim with his bongos.

What areas do you perform live?
For now the Louisiana area, New Orleans, Laplace, Baton Rouge and Houma .
Looking to expand West to Texas, or East to Florida and beyond.

Tell us about your latest project.
I just finished recording an EP, "Dialect Error on the Bayou," with Tim Curry and John Tyree .
On sale now through Tunecore . I've been booking gigs, but I am looking for a booking agent to expand our act . With my day time job and lack of managing skills, and keeping 'Extended Recess' in order, it takes a lot of my time. A project I would like to start, is finding more and better paying gigs

What can we expect from you in 2017?

Sharing 'Extended Recess' unique ability to improvise, but also have a sweet, hard rocking, 3 minute song to enjoy.
A learning process with every performance.
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