Exclusive interview

Byron Lacy

Electronic music artist, Byron Lacy!

Where did you all grow up?
Before age six I lived in six different cities, with my mother and father. At age six we moved to Seagoville and stayed there until I was 19, though we did live in eight different houses.
What inspired you to get into music?
The first music I heard was in cartoons, and in the 50's pretty much all cartoons used classical music in their soundtracks. Then I was influenced by 40's pop and big band music. When I was 12, I bought a radio and discovered Rock and Roll, but it was the Beatles and the British Invasion that made me want top be a singer in a band.
Do you do other genres besides electronic/dance?
I sang in a band 1968 to 1969. We played one gig and then broke up over arguing, power struggles. We did covers of 60's hits. In '79 I was in another band until 1981. We did 60's, 70's and 80's rock, and that's when I got my first synth. Then in 2009, I started doing country songs, singing with 3 local bands when the singer needed a break. Usually I would sing 3 songs each time I was with them. In 2009 I discovered I was an alien abductee/contactee. I have actually met them. One day they made this strange music overshadow a CD of ambient meditation music I was listening to and it was like nothing I had ever heard. It had no melody but was still beautiful. That led me to the synthesizer and what I do now.
What is a songwriting session like for you?
I have no preconceived notions when I start working. I usually lay down a drum track, though I may change it later after the rest of the song is finished. Then I pick a voice on the synth that feels like the right one to me, and the song grows from there. After I get all the tracks done then I start editing. 50% of the work is in the editing, trying to make since of all I have written.
What inspires you to create?
It is not a matter of inspiration for me, it is more of a drive or an instinct. Like needing to eat, needing to breath; I need to create. I have been an artist and a writer. It all started when I was in junior high.  

What is your local music scene like?  
In Nacogdoches, where I live we have mostly country western cover bands. 

Do you work with other artists?
No, I have and it has always led to problems.
Do you perform live often?   
Since I have started the electronic music, I have only performed once at a small dance party. I have been getting ready to get some gigs when Corona-19 hit. That has put all of my live performance goals on hold. 
Tell us about your latest project.  
Right now I am working on more experimental music, since 2017. I am getting my songs on internet radio, Soundcloud, I tunes and Spotify, all the streaming services, and some in other countries. I am working to get my music out to as many people all over the world that I can. I have 12 albums on Amazon. 
What can we expect from you this year?  
Just keep doing what I am doing, and work to get more proficient with my instruments and my de-construction of music. 

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