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Where did you grow up?

Orange County, CA and Yuma, Arizona

What influenced you to want to get into music?

An insatiable passion to create, and Physical Graffiti, released by Led Zeppelin in 1975.  I also believe
I am hardwired to do this stuff.  By burying myself in music in my early teens, getting my guitar, escaping
to my quite place, away from all the disfunction, insanity and bullshit, I discovered a gift.  And, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving and in turn I want to give the gift away, make what postive mark I can in the creative arts department.  Music has been like therapy for me, I want my music to be the same for others.  This gift God gave me saved my life.

Where do you generally record?

Currently at Rockton Road Studio's in Alta Dena, CA. I've recorded an album with Emmy Award winner, Chris Julian, when his studio was up above the Malibu Coastline off Latigo Canyon.  Last year I recorded a 5 song EP at Santa Barbara Sound Design.  I stay with a studio and recording team as long as I feel the creative synergy, we're getting a satisfying result and having lots of fun!

You like to work with different artists. Would you ever collaborate
with an artist from a genre such as Pop, R&B, Jazz, or Gospel?

I would jump at the chance to collaborate with any experienced songwriter, I've come to realize the importance of collaborating not only for honing my own skills, but it also gets you out of the comfort zone and helps me tap into other creative channels, it's really an exciting experience for me.  I wrote a song called Timeless years ago, but last year I sought out David Cagle to sing an R&B version of it, and it brought the song to life and it was great to see the song could be performed in other genre's, I have a Country version as well.  Collaboration has produced some of the biggest hits, and biggest stars in the music business. Look what Diane Warren was to Michael Bolton, what Jimmy Webb was to Glen Campbell, what Bernie Taupin was to Elton John, etc.  The more I let go of the wheel and allow other songwriters the freedom to bring their game as well, the better the songs are, and that's what we are all really shooting for as songwriters.

What is your process when creating music?

I'm obsessed with the process ,and I'd be doing it 24/7 if I didn't have to sleep and have other interests and responsibilities.  Writing is one of those escapes where time just evaporates as I have no consciousness of it, that's a beautiful place for me, it's where I am more "in the moment" than just about anything else I do.  I'm writing all the time, either in my head while driving, or walking on the beach,
listening to others talk, which I find is an awesome source for lyrics and ideas. I might be lying in bed, taking a shower, driving bumper to bumper on the freeway or along a remote coastline, whenever my creative juices are flowing I'm constantly recording lyrics and melodies on my iphone.  I keep with me
yellow lined paper pads to write down ideas, you never know when you'll suddenly be in a creative space, and I don't want to miss it. I get ideas, a different spin, from other music I listen when I hear a great song and I think I may be able to communicate the same idea in a different way.

Sometimes I get a melody started with some kind of rhythm or tempo and I start constructing a song. Many times I construct what turns out to be two and even three songs, and the original tempo
and melody evolves as I bring in guitar and/or piano.  I create a "throw away" track (melody and tempo) just to facilitate a lyric lightening round and to get a general body of work. This also helps prevent me from getting bogged down in the process of trying to get that perfect marriage of melody and lyric too soon, that for me can take time. I will also let songs breath awhile  to allow time and circumstance to shape the idea I'm trying to communicate in a song, if there is a specific idea. I have to really dig the song when I revisit it a week, or month later, for it to stay in the cue.  I find it very fun and effective to write lyrics to another song I hear on the radio,  I just overlay my lyrics over the other song, it's a good learning experience as well.

I have hundreds of pieces of songs recorded as well, pieces which may one day serve as an intro, bridge, outro, etc.  My song warehouse is loaded!  I have written a number of songs where the lyrics and or melody came out of a dream, I woke up recently one morning with the complete lyrics to a song I co-wrote with Nic Capelle called Justice, which was released on Volume I of Brady Wade Sessions on September 14th, 2016.   Sometimes lightening strikes and you catch it in a bottle, but mostly for me a great song takes planting, pulling, cultivating, and time. There's hardly anything more invigorating for me personally than a completed song that I really love listening to, and more importantly, that I feel will touch those who listen on a deep level. 

Do you perform live often?
I haven't recently, but will be scheduling some live performances in 2017, right now we are working on completing Brady Wade Sessions, Volume 2 for release on January 17th, the same time I have another
front page placement with Reverb Nation, Reverb Nation subscribers seem to love my music, I'm stoked and grateful for that!  I am still at the #1 spot for Alternative in my region in Santa Barbara, that's been very rewarding for me personally, as a songwriter.

Do you have fans overseas?
Yes, I have a bit over 40,000 likes on FaceBook, under Brady Wade Sessions, we get really nice comments from the U.S., France, India, Brazil and England.  Internet technology is an amazing tool for songwriters like me to get their music heard worlwide.

Tell us about your latest project.
My latest EP, Brady Wade Sessions, Volume 1, called Sunny California, is getting lots of traction.   I wrote most of the songs, but also collaborated with Nic Capelle on a couple of the songs.  Nic and I collaborated with Desi Valentine on Angels in Disguise.  Tom Forgery, from South Africa also did a house remix of Justice. The songs on this EP are very personal and raw, the next will EP will be much different sounding, but I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Desi Valentine, Nic and Natalie Capelle, Joy Oladoken and other amazing musicians to create a really cool body of work that is getting well received.  I have to give high accolades to engineer/ producer/ Co-producer Nic Capelle, he does such amazing work, puts so much fun and energy into the process, whenever I'm in studio with
Nic Capelle, Rockton Road, that creative spark lights up the room, we work great together.

What do you miss about the music industry from 20 years ago, that is different today?
Having a band the likes of U2.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

So far the plan is to finish up my current EP Brady Wade Sessions Volume 2, which is going to have a Rock/ Soul/ Gospel vibe, I'm real excited about it, and I'll continue to build a fan base, promote my music for licensing and to collaborate with more songwrtiers from different genres. 2017 is going tobe a stellar!

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So much talent, Brady Wade is someone you should know about!