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ATMIG is Tobias, Julia, Dave, Phil, and Otto.
Is the whole band from Detroit?
Julia: Yes, we are all from the detroit metropolitan area.

What is the local music scene like in Detroit?
Julia: Very talented and supportive.
Tobias: People of all ages come out to see locals perform their original music.  You never feel, at least at the venues we've played, that you are playing over someone's conversation.  People are there to hear music.

What is the bands songwriting process?
Julia: Historically Tobias has been the primary songwriter, recently he and I have started collaborating. It's a scary but exciting prospect.
Tobias: A lot of the material has been in my pocket for a while. The other members add there own melodies using their respective instruments. There are about ten new songs where I have only written the guitar but am not necessarily committed to the arrangements.  I'm looking forward to the magic of collaboration.

How did the band name come about?
Tobias: For some reason I wanted a band name that could also be an acronym.  I sent an email to myself every time I heard a phrase or lyric that spoke to me.  The Talking Heads lyric "after the money is gone" is pronounceable (by some) as the acronym ATMIG, and the lyric itself spoke to me.   I committed to that name around 2004/2005.  For me the lyric asks you "what are you? who are you? what matters to you? when you are not evaluated by the size of your wallet or in possession of your money and material things."  The implication is that you better be someone and, furthermore, be someone who values something else.

Do y'all travel a lot for shows?
Julia: I wish. We stay pretty local to the metro Detroit area for the time being, we've played a little in the Traverse City area where Otto currently resides.
Tobias: We look forward to play other midwest states in the near future.

Is Otto a pain in the ass? Or is he just being Otto?
Julia: Who is Otto?
Otto: You must have met him before.
Tobias: We are all Otto.

How long did it take to shoot the video for Trip?
Julia: Two days total. One for the shots of the band and one for the star of our video, the amazing Claira.
Otto: We were able to knock that out in 2 days, which amazing considering the amount of makeup Tobias required to be camera ready.

I love that you did a release on vinyl. Will all future releases have a vinyl release?
Julia: We haven't discussed it, but yes.
Tobias:  Absolutely.

Tell us about your latest project.
Julia: Our newest album will be called Wishes, and it is scheduled to be released early 2018. We plan to have it pressed onto green vinyl, at Jack White's Third Man Pressing in Detroit, MI where our first single Trip was pressed earlier this year.
Tobias: "Wishes" is the title track.  The song rocks and no one has heard it but the band and those paying close attention to the gag real from our Kickstarter project video.

What can we expect from y'all in 2018?
Julia: The new record Wishes. We hope to play many more shows in Michigan and elsewhere. Perhaps another music video, and I foresee Tobias writing at least two dozen more songs.
Tobias:  Lots of shows and more radio play.  We have a talented promoter ready to sweat for us as soon as the new songs are available.

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