Exclusive interview

Terynna Koehler and The Light Band

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Where did you grow up? I grew up in southern CA I went to school in Ventura county .

How did the group get together? I was recording a CD for my family and felt like I should put the music toward helping trafficking victims that are in the ministries for restoration. I have been working as a volunteer for The Lifeboat Project this year, and have been able to mentor 3 young ladies that have come out of that sad scenario....so broken and needing healing.

How does your songwriting process work? Literally GOD downloads the songs and I write them in a matter of minutes. I am a conduit for HIM :) It is a miraculous situation since I never wrote a song until 36 yrs old and have well over 100 songs at this point. I have only recorded about 20 though.

Do y'all perform live often? Probably about 10-15 times a year currently, since mainly doing events, festivals etc and we had to get a new drummer and rhythm player this year, so had to teach them the music since it is all original. 

Is it hard to be on the same page musically with all the band members? Not usually, and we all respect each other so we enjoy adding in parts that we mutually agree on.

I love how you are involved with stopping child abuse.  Are there any other outreach programs that are dear to your heart? Helping the homeless have not only food. but hope, and would love to make the youth understand the trappings of porno, so they don't have that addiction. I know outreaches that are helping with that part too, and part of the trafficking problem is the addiction to sex unfortunately. It is a real problem here in the US, with almost ALL kids watching hours and hours of porn on their computers everyday. 

Have  you been in bands before this? Yes, I was in a band called "New Touch," with my late bass playing husband. He passed from colon cancer in 2006, but he was an amazing singer/songwriter himself. The guy that plays the harmonica on "If God Be For Me," is the guitarist from that band which was in northern VA. 

Where do you all record? Locally, the current recording of "Childlike Faith," was in Deltona, FL. But we are working on another CD now, and our lead player use to be a producer in CA, so he is doing the recording for us this time. 

Tell us about your latest project. It will be more songs about how God can give hope, love, joy and peace like no other in the world, and also praise and worship songs to HIM on this one. 

What can we expect from you in the future? To be playing, singing and speaking about how we can all help each other one person at a time. My husband and I have paid for 2 of the victims of trafficking to go to school. The first one told me she just needed a chance as she had dreams of being a doctor, in the work of healing through science. I came home and talked to my husband, and we agreed to pay for her to go to community college. She has done so well that she got the next semester paid for by a grant from the school, and is going full time starting in January. We only ended up paying around $600, but that gave her the start and now she is doing the rest out of sheer will, and determination. The other young lady is in a training course starting this month for child development. Just giving them a start has been so awesome! 

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