Exclusive interview

Ricky Persaud, Jr

Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Irvington, New Jersey. 

What influenced you to get into music? 
Although the first song I played on the guitar was by Bob Marley, my biggest influence that led me to get into music was The Beatles. Listening to the Beatle’s records at a young age really sparked my interest in music. From the incredible songwriting, vocal harmonies, and musicianship, the Beatles demonstrated in their music, it made me understand the richness and virtuosity of the world of music. It was then that I  started to pick up instruments and began to play and sing the Beatle tunes I fell in love with.  If I was never introduced to The Beatles, I would have probably never become a musician. 

How many instruments can you play? 
I can play 7 instruments. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Harmonica, and various 
percussion instruments .

Were you in any bands when you were growing up? 
I was in and out of multiple bands throughout my teen years. But one band I’ve stuck with since my middle school days is my own band called Ricky Persaud Jr. and Crossroads. This band 
consist of close friends and family members.

Where do you record? 
I record my music in my own studio called Crossroad Studios.

What is your method when putting together a song? 
First, I would come up with the basic concept of the song; like figuring out what kind of feel or genre I want the song to have. Then, I would write some lyrics pertaining to a topic I feel like writing about.  Next, I would go into production for the song. I would usually lay down bass and guitar tracks first before laying down drum and vocals tracks. After finishing production for the song, I would then go ahead and mix the song. Lastly, I would then master the song to give the overall track an slick edge. 

What is the music scene like in New Jersey? 
The music scene in New Jersey is pretty rich with all different types of styles and flavors. Styles ranging from Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz and more. 

Do you perform often? 
Yes. My band and I perform pretty often to get ourselves out there to let everyone know  
who I am and what I have to offer musically.

So, what is your latest project? 
I just finished working on my EP called Pursuit of Happiness, which will be released on iTunes, Amazon and all music outlets worldwide in January of 2019. This mini album is going to feature a lot of rock infused caribbean sound with some reggaeton and rap influences sprinkled in. This album is probably the most honest album I’ve ever put out yet. This is because the songs and meanings stem closely with my own personal experiences.  

What can we expect from you throughout the rest of the year? 
What you can expect from me this year is my musical journey going places it has never gone before. With keeping up my everyday hustle and grind, I will keep performing, creating, and much more musically to continue to pursue my dreams. I am only going up from here. 

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