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Marc Ceccotti

Marc Ceccotti delivers incredible music.  We had a chance to get to know him better! Check out his website by clickng the picture on the left.

Where did you grow up?  I am French but I was born and I grew up in Monaco 

What influenced you to get into music?  It's always difficult to find the origin, but there were certainly several steps to get there ...I would quote two,,, My father was passionate about music and singing in a choir, when I was a child there was a neighbor listen to all sorts of music on an old phonograph 78 tm and by this way I discovered the music of a lot of countries ,

What instruments do you play?  Essentially Guitar, but I also use keyboards and synths for my arrangements without being a pianist, I happened to use percussion too. 

Do you write all of your music yourself? Or do you bring in other musicians to help? 
I write all my music and arrangements alone, it happened to me at the time of the band (Edhels) to ask the other musicians of the band to bring their particularity and their personal touch in the arrangements of some tracks and that gave good results. 

Were you always instrumental based with your music? Or do you sing at all as well? 
No, it's a choice we made at a time with the other musicians of the band.  During the first bands I even sang ... Fortunately there is no recording of this period (LOL)! then came the period when we had singers, then a long instrumental period and the arrival of a new keyboardist who sang well so I started writing songs with lyrics. When the band split it was more simple for me to continue my journey with the instrumental, and also it is an area that fascinates me, there is so much to explore. 

Where do you record?  Now I record at home, the technology continues to improve and reduce in size and ever more powerful equipment, so I take this chance. 

What is your song creation method?  I do not have a method, it would be awful in my opinion, So much school and predictable that it would leave little chance for pure inspiration, it would become mechanical, industrialized and especially it would reduce the margin of error, and it is precisely the margin of error that very often directs or disorients a work to the point of making it interesting. 

Have you ever wanted to dabble is composing music for film? 
Yes of course, it's always a dream ... I made several music for radios and for documentaries for television, but it seems that as far as the cinema is concerned, it is a citadel where few candidates are allowed. I remember many years ago with my recordings under the arm to have been ringing at the intercoms of major film companies in Paris. They did not even want to open the door, I said "please listen to my music tell me you do not like but at least listen!" They answered "no go away ! we do not want to see anyone or listen to your music," they never opened the door .

Tell us about your latest project.  The last project (Album) is "Like all the beautiful things" 2018 - there is of course a nuance nostalgic here as often in my work, but in this one I wanted to mark also an impression of hope and continuity in a evolution positive. For that on some tracks I worked and retouched (to adapt them to my compositions) very dynamic and innovative percussions of Simon Stockhausen, that I obtained thanks to his excellent set "Colliding Worlds."
I think this whole album is coherent, but also coherent with the preceding albums ... always with a representation of nostalgia, hope, progress and what remains to discover and as always winks (more or less discreet) to some beautiful people, very inspiring.

What can we expect from you in the future?  I just finished this album and now it is important to stay visible in the social networks if you want to have some chances of sale and it takes an incredible investment of time, when you do not benefit from the structure of a big company. That said, I started to write on small notebooks some ideas for the next compositions which should lead us to discover new impressions, new discreet greetings and surely new explorations ... However, other unexpected events could lead to an approach completely different ... everything stays open, that's what's magic with the future.

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