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As of 8-1-2022

1. Chad Carrier - I Wanna Hurt
2. Sarah Matthew - Just Now See The Light
3. Brian Berggoetz - Wildflower
4. Keyon Harris - The Reason
5. Mystic of Melody - Crimson Moon

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thebluelilies - Dr Feel Good

Jimmie James Solo Project - The Great Human Decline

Mystique - Beautiful Smile

Danny Roberts - No Place To Hide

The Blind Leads the Blind - So You Think

Ricky Rodriguez-Projecto 7 Salsa Band - Vicio De Tu Amor

Mark Hyper - Levitate

Chris Scian - Caught in a Lie

Roz and Gem - The Right Way

Barbie Wills Dymond - Over The Top

Mystic of Melody - Crimson Moon

Ron Gesch - Alpha and Omega

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