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As of 11-26-2022

1. Shortwire - Slipstream
2. Sandra Candy Morgan - Touch Me
3. Trey James - Voicemail
4. Balls Capone - Sleazeball Ballet
5. Barbie Wills Dymond - Keep Fighting

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Krown Deon - See U Alive

Robert Burton Hubele - Lucky Man

Nick Zigic - Magic Nitch

Pat Cisarano - So Glad You're Gone

The Blind Leads the Blind - So You Think

Delphi Ravens - Red to Black

Mark Hyper - Shape of Things

Chris Scian - Park Song

Roz and Gem - The Right Way

Barbie Wills Dymond - Conflict

Xandrot - Le nostre Radici

Samsara - Without You

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